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A Gentlemans Guide Part Three

4. A Gentleman guide to the Marriage Proposal

I pondered this topic after a conversation at the Polo Club, where a debate on marriage proposals had taken place: What is the perfect marriage proposal? And does one exist? marriage-proposal-pics-9The conversation began when one of marriage-proposal-pics-9the truest of Gentlemen, Mr Mayor, announced he had asked for the hand in marriage of Miss Lady. Mr Mayor spoke of how, after careful consideration, he had decided to take Miss Lady Kella to one of Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens, position himself on one knee, produce a symbolically chosen ring and ask for her hand in marriage. We all rejoiced in this happy occasion and expressed what a beautiful proposal it had been while raising a glass to the happy couple.

The night progressed and Mr James McLeod, our Gentleman’s Guide author, was asked about his own marriage proposal to the now Lady McLeod. 343055-log-fire-burley-millwell-logs-fire-place“After respectful consideration of the thoughts and feelings of Lady McLeod, and knowing her distinct aversion to overdramatic gestures, I decided to keep things private and discreet. I came to the conclusion that while holidaying in the snowy mountain village of Thredbo it would present the ideal setting for me to ask for her hand in marriage.343055-log-fire-burley-millwell-logs-fire-place One evening after an exhilarating day on the slopes, Lady McLeod and I sat down to a beautiful meal in a quaint ski lodge nearby.

I knew that this particular evening would set the perfect atmosphere for my declaration and proposal. You see the mountains in winter are full of romance; from clear star filled skies to cosying in front of log fires. There is simply nowhere better to court your sweetheart. Later, we retired to a private bar with a roaring log fire and a beautiful Penfolds 2008 Bin 707 where I found myself hypnotized by the rhythmic dancing of the flames that both filled my heart and my soul with warmth. At this point I looked into the eyes of my Lady McLeod, full of wonder, anticipation and joy. I slipped smoothly down onto one knee and spoke these simple words; I love you with all I am. Will you marry me?” There are many ways to ask your lady to marry you, but as long as it comes from the heart it does not matter how you do it. As the saying goes;

“Love is all you need”. Congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs Mayor.

James McLeod

5. A Gentleman guide to Mobile Phones

Mobile phones for a gentleman are an important social and business accessory. Of course there are guidelines for their use, and especially when it comes to respecting those who are with you. When you’re engaged with others, either in a meeting or conversation, give them your complete and undivided attention. Man on CellThere is simply no need for volume tones on mobile phones with today’s vibration technology.

Do not use your phone in hushed places such as private clubs, theatres, elevators or restaurants. If a call needs to be taken, apologise, leave the room and accept the call when in private.

Always be mindful of your own volume when talking on the phone. Do be a respectable dining companion. No one wants to be a captive audience to a third-party phone conversation, or to sit in silence while their dining companion texts with someone.

Always silence and store your phone before being seated. Never put your phone on the table and let voicemail do its job. Good mobile phone etiquette can be likened to common courtesy. Conversations and text exchanges have a propensity to distract people from what’s happening around them. Mobile users should be thoughtful, courteous and respect the people around them. James McLeod