The End of an Era

When the Brisbane Polo Club opened 25 years ago, it quickly became the centre for the Ladies and Gentlemen of Brisbane to socialise. The Polo club stepped away from tradition by allowing ladies to join, this antiquated tradition is still upheld by some Brisbane clubs to this day.

BPCOn Monday night, the much-loved, but financially strained club put an offer from the Singapore-based real estate tycoon Koh Wee Meng to its members, This offer was accepted and the club will close its doors on the 30th June 2015. I myself am a relatively new member but in my short allegiance with the club i have made life long friends and business connections that will work together long into the future.

I would say to those people, let us make certain the colt goes out in a canter and is not shot under a blanket.

See you all Friday, first and last drinks are on me

Dedicated to the Staff of BPC, Thank you

A Gentleman’s Guild Part Four

A Gentleman’s Guide to Social Media

A Gentleman’s etiquette with regards to social media has become an important aspect of a gentleman’s day, due to the increasing social interaction we now have through this communication medium. We have to observe that social media has become a valuable communication portal: It is how we keep in touch with our friends and relatives. We no longer take the time to pen a letter or, in some instances, attend events that you would normally due to work and other commitments. Our Gentleman’s guide Mr James McLeod has concentrated on 3 Social Media outlets, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

A Gentleman’s Appearance

A Gentleman’s profile picture should observe the following rules for non-professional social media sites. The profile picture should be of yourself, or yourself and others, and should depict your personality. This will help with friend requests and remember to be truthful with your photo: a “photo shopped” you may look good on the internet but when you meet in real life the first impression of you will be one of disappointment.

Profile pictures on LinkedIn should always be a headshot of yourself looking your best in a professional capacity and never a company logo. Remember people meet people, not logos.

A Gentleman’s Friend Request

You’re not obligated to follow or friend anyone. But try and keep business and personal life separate, as not accepting a friend request can be taken as an insult. This can be done by simply using a space in your name. I use James Mc Leod on non-professional social media sites and James McLeod on LinkedIn. If a work colleague can’t find you, then they can’t be offended.

If you decide to unfollow someone, don’t publicise it, just unfollow and give an explanation to that person by private message if you believe it is required.

A Gentleman’s Status

A status does not need to be updated every 5 minutes and people really don’t need to know what you are doing every second of the day. Make your status updates important and remember to engage with your audience. Do not boast on social media and remember that jealousy can destroy a friendship. Over sharing can be also veTSMMry dangerous, never use social media to complain or put others to rights. The betterperson resolves issues face to face and not behind a keyboard.

LinkedIn should never be used for personal use. Use LinkedIn to promote your company or industry, not yourself.

A Gentleman’s Tagging

Before uploading photos of a person to the internet you should always ask permission and this also applies to “tagging” people’s location at an event or place. Remember they may not want their locations and social activities known and this also could be seen as being ostentatious.


In closing I present you with these questions;
Are you being positive, polite, and inspiring?
Are you positively contributing to the online community?


James McLeod

A Gentlemans Guide Part Three

4. A Gentleman guide to the Marriage Proposal

I pondered this topic after a conversation at the Polo Club, where a debate on marriage proposals had taken place: What is the perfect marriage proposal? And does one exist? marriage-proposal-pics-9The conversation began when one of marriage-proposal-pics-9the truest of Gentlemen, Mr Mayor, announced he had asked for the hand in marriage of Miss Lady. Mr Mayor spoke of how, after careful consideration, he had decided to take Miss Lady Kella to one of Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens, position himself on one knee, produce a symbolically chosen ring and ask for her hand in marriage. We all rejoiced in this happy occasion and expressed what a beautiful proposal it had been while raising a glass to the happy couple.

The night progressed and Mr James McLeod, our Gentleman’s Guide author, was asked about his own marriage proposal to the now Lady McLeod. 343055-log-fire-burley-millwell-logs-fire-place“After respectful consideration of the thoughts and feelings of Lady McLeod, and knowing her distinct aversion to overdramatic gestures, I decided to keep things private and discreet. I came to the conclusion that while holidaying in the snowy mountain village of Thredbo it would present the ideal setting for me to ask for her hand in marriage.343055-log-fire-burley-millwell-logs-fire-place One evening after an exhilarating day on the slopes, Lady McLeod and I sat down to a beautiful meal in a quaint ski lodge nearby.

I knew that this particular evening would set the perfect atmosphere for my declaration and proposal. You see the mountains in winter are full of romance; from clear star filled skies to cosying in front of log fires. There is simply nowhere better to court your sweetheart. Later, we retired to a private bar with a roaring log fire and a beautiful Penfolds 2008 Bin 707 where I found myself hypnotized by the rhythmic dancing of the flames that both filled my heart and my soul with warmth. At this point I looked into the eyes of my Lady McLeod, full of wonder, anticipation and joy. I slipped smoothly down onto one knee and spoke these simple words; I love you with all I am. Will you marry me?” There are many ways to ask your lady to marry you, but as long as it comes from the heart it does not matter how you do it. As the saying goes;

“Love is all you need”. Congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs Mayor.

James McLeod

5. A Gentleman guide to Mobile Phones

Mobile phones for a gentleman are an important social and business accessory. Of course there are guidelines for their use, and especially when it comes to respecting those who are with you. When you’re engaged with others, either in a meeting or conversation, give them your complete and undivided attention. Man on CellThere is simply no need for volume tones on mobile phones with today’s vibration technology.

Do not use your phone in hushed places such as private clubs, theatres, elevators or restaurants. If a call needs to be taken, apologise, leave the room and accept the call when in private.

Always be mindful of your own volume when talking on the phone. Do be a respectable dining companion. No one wants to be a captive audience to a third-party phone conversation, or to sit in silence while their dining companion texts with someone.

Always silence and store your phone before being seated. Never put your phone on the table and let voicemail do its job. Good mobile phone etiquette can be likened to common courtesy. Conversations and text exchanges have a propensity to distract people from what’s happening around them. Mobile users should be thoughtful, courteous and respect the people around them. James McLeod

A Gentleman’s Guide Part Two

3. A Gentleman and his Daughter
Gone are the days of the typical Victorian Father figure and his characteristics vic dadattributed to defining Victorian male masculinity.  Little attention was directed to the role of the Father by Victorian society, child nurturing was considered within the private realm away from public observation and interference.  Fatherhood held a vague situation in the philosophy and practice of Victorian family life.  If the public and private domains were defined by sex, then child-rearing fell under the domain of the wife.
The barren Gentleman (he without child) suffered a loss in masculine status.  What was the determination of continuing to be in business if there was no one to whom he could pass it on to?  There was also the impartiality towards the bearing of sons who would continue the family name.

G Banks
Imagine if you will Mr George Banks in Mary Poppins, he accepts as true that his family should be run like a bank, making the family well-organized, but also making him a distant husband and father.  He’s not really considered to be a malevolent person, but he is a strict, practical man, and initially believes that his children should be prepared for adult life in their youth, rather than allowed to have fun.
We arrive at today’s date with the question, how a Man can be a Father and a Gentlemen?  For this we again speak to our Gentleman’s Guide, James McLeod. “A most wonderful and overwhelming experience happens to a chosen few, the day a little beaming face looks up at you and calls you Father. Being a Gentleman Father is very easy, there is no tricks or ideals you just have to ask yourself one thing…  Would I be happy if my Son or Daughter brought someone like me home as a perspective suitor?

The Modern Gentleman Father is not a distant, hard faced person who does not show love.  He shows love and affection as being emotional is not a sign of weakness.  I often look into my daughters eyes and become overpowered with pride, a longing to protect and love to the point of outpouring.  Be a Father.  Don’t be ‘Mother’s assistant, you may run a business or be successful in your work environment, you surely can dress and feed a two year-old?  Being covered in your child’s certified organic, celebrity mother endorsed yogurt is a badge of honour not an offence.  Spend time with your children and have your own ideas about what they need.  Don’t make sacrifices for your children, because ‘sacrifice’ infers that there was something better to do than being with your children.  I love bedtime stories with my daughter and at the moment we are reading Peter Rabbit.  I read and she runs around her bedroom screaming with excitment.  Its fun and its time I get with her after a long day at the office.

big bad wolf
So, sing the Wiggles, dance to Frozen and dress as the princess when she wants to be the Big Bad Wolf.
“It does not matter what kind of person you are, if a little girl pours you an imaginary cup of tea, you drink it with your pinky in the air”.

With Thanks, James McLeod

A Gentlemans Guide Part One

Mcleod Manor LogoWhat are the signs of a true Gentleman? Is chivalry dead? In a modern world where functionality outweighs beauty and the time to stop and appreciate our environment is a lost art, do we know what it means to be a Gentleman? Many etiquette rules came to be established in Victorian England (1837-1901) to protect or shield a lady from impairment or embarrassment. But over time, these rules have evolved to apply to all people. In today’s world, being a gentleman is about understanding the context in which you interact with others, not just ladies. Remember being a gentleman can be misconstrued as flirting.
Remember you’re a Gentleman not a Cad

1. A Gentleman stands when the person walks in the room
In days past, men stood out of respect when a lady, dignitary, or senior person walked in the room. It was a sign of respect and modesty and still should be followed today. Gentlemen stand out of politeness when a guest visits an assembly. A gentleman will stand from his seat when introduced to a guest. Standing shows you are attentive and respectful, but most important shows the person is perceived.

2. A Gentleman opens the door
A gentleman should always open the door and let your audience enter first, there are problems with this etiquette. The tradition of men opening doors for ladies dates from the period when ladies used to wear dresses with skirts so extremely long and wide, that it was difficult for them to squeeze through the doorway, not to mention opening the door for themselves as they were tremendously heavy. In today’s modern world it can be perceived as sexiest, suggesting a lady to be too feeble to open the door. As a Gentleman we need to understand this and respect this, so how do we ensure we do not make our companions feel uncomfortable. Our Gentleman’s guide James McLeod says “on approach to the door (about 5 meters), a gentleman should quicken his step slightly to ensure he reaches the door first and therefore it is natural he would open the door. Make no fuss or parade as a gentleman require no thanks, remember you have only opened a door”
A Gentleman and the car door

tdy-120424-man-open-door.photoblog600This is an area where etiquette is changing. Gone are the days when men drove the cars and women rode in the passenger seat, when few roads were paved and stepping out of a car could land you in a huge puddle. If you’re a Gentleman who as the pressure of courting a member of the fairer sex then heed these wise word from our Gentleman’s guild James McLeod. “You can make your partner feel extra special on those occasions when you get the opportunity to woo her. Remember when opening a door never to look down. Position yourself so to shield her form wondering eyes of these must distrusted cad’s”.

Suits You Sir

imageYesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Ben Mayer, a Tailor from Tom James of London. I was introduced to Ben by the wonderful staff at the Brisbane Polo Club after fulfilling the very British tradition of complaining about the lack of quality tailoring. (We wonder why we get called Whinging Poms) Ben has brought Savile Row Tailoring to Brisbane! At last we exclaim with glee!!!!!!! Ben offers the highest quality suits, shirts, sports coats, blazers, chinos and dinner jackets. His company weaves the wool in England from their flocks of sheep in Snowy River, Swan Hill, Cloudy Bay, South America, North England and Scotland they also make the garments in their own workshops in England and North America. Bens company owns the royal cloth merchant Holland and Sherry est 1836 and supplies this to the likes of Burberry, Paul Smith, Corneliani, Canali, Brioni, Tom Ford and all of the tailors of Savile Row of London. So if you have ever had suits from any of these brands, it is likely it was made from Holland and Sherry Cloth. imageNow for my experience. Ben came to my office with his bag of many tricks that would almost give Mary Poppins a run for her money or for our younger readers Hermione Granger. We spoke about styles, fabric, design, fit and use. In the end there was only one option I could go for. One of the most famous James Bond suits is the three-piece grey suit worn by Sean Connery in the film Goldfinger (1964), recently even chosen as the second greatest suit in film history by Esquire (just after Cary Grant’s suit in North by Northwest). I decided to get my own bespoke Goldfinger suit for a very special expierience. Now your all wondering cost. Believe me, the Scottish blood pulsating through my veins would not let me over spend but at the same time how long does a off the shelf suit last? My experience is about 3 years. Ben assures me if treated correctly this will last a lifetime, so I do believe I’ve saved money. Suits start at $750.00 and reach $10,000 but for this you really are getting into a unique spectrum of quality and refinery. There was one major problem, the suits are so good I bought two. Stay Safe James McLeod